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Are you thinking of franchising?

ranchising an already successful business can be one of the most exciting and challenging business decisions you’ll ever make. It holds out the potential for significant expansion, largely financed with the investments of your franchisees, as well as developing a nationally recognized brand and expanding your market share and level of customer recognition. Each franchisee is deemed an independent contractor so, as a general rule, the potential liability is far less in franchising than in traditional company expansion methods.

At the same time, the legal requirements associated with franchising can be complex and intimidating. Becoming a successful franchisor requires learning a whole new set of skills, beyond those that have already made you successful in business.

Holmes Lofstrom specializes in franchising, representing “start up” franchisors along with well-established franchise systems. We have extensive franchise law experience, and a number of our attorneys have been in senior positions with nationally and international known franchisors. We’re familiar with the business and legal challenges of building a franchise system, and can share our knowledge of “best practices” in franchising, having seen common factors in successful and unsuccessful systems.

After your franchise system has been launched, we remain available to your team, counseling you on how to stay in compliance with complex franchise laws and to deal with the day-to-day issues that arise in franchising. Our multiple years of experience in franchising allow us to provide you with practical, time-tested solutions in an efficient cost-effective manner.

We have a national reputation in franchise law. Our attorneys have been members and Co-chairs of the California State Bar Franchise Law Committee, drafting significant portions of the California Franchise Investment Law, been members of various International Franchise Association (IFA) committees and are regular speakers at IFA-sponsored events.

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