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Are you an experienced franchisor?

Experienced franchisors have learned that there are three primary benefits derived from an association with a law firm specializing in franchising and with extensive practical experience.

First, the firm’s background essentially eliminates any need for a “learning curve”. Holmes Lofstrom attorneys have dealt for years with the same types of issues you face on a daily basis: system compliance, franchise award processing, relationships with suppliers, territorial disputes, assignments, terminations, landlord issues and franchisee payment problems.

Our combination of technical knowledge, breadth of experience and expertise allows us to focus on practical solutions that integrate legal and business considerations.

Second, as a Holmes Lofstrom client, you receive personalized service from an attorney and paralegal working to efficiently and cost effectively assist you. We have a conscientious and thorough approach that involves listening and sharing the “up” and “down-sides” as well as some alternative solutions based on our legal and practical experiences with other large franchise systems.

Third, if you need assistance immediately, our attorneys are available to answer questions and provide insights whether or not they are the attorney with whom you primarily work. So, in a “pinch” you always have access to answers. This “depth” is very convenient to our clients and distinguishes us from the sole practitioners or even large firms with only one or two attorneys practicing in the franchise law area. We occupy a distinctive place in the franchise legal marketplace as a mid-sized law firm with expertise that focuses on franchising, and includes, intellectual property and business transactional work.

We look forward to bringing our national reputation and experience in franchise law and practices to the benefit of your system.

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