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t Holmes Lofstrom, we represent clients in over 75 different industries and from start-up to multi-million dollar publicly traded corporations. We are often called upon by our general business clients (both franchised and non-franchised businesses) to assist them with their day-to-day business operational issues such as leasing matters, asset/stock purchase transactions, business disputes, contract drafting and a whole host of other general business matters.

Our attorneys have a broad base of knowledge in general business matters and apply a practical yet thorough approach to business issues that face our clients. Our approach most often involves an analysis of both the “up-sides” and the “down-sides” to any particular legal issue facing business so that the business owners can make informed, well-reasoned decisions based on the risks that are or are not acceptable to them. We enjoy working as part of a client’s “team” along with their accountants, consultants, management and owners, to provide the legal input and analysis to guide them through even the most complex of issues.

For legal issues that involve areas of the law in which we do not currently practice, we have established a wide network of other attorneys that our clients have found highly competent including, wage/hour issues, patent registrations, estate planning, etc. We have also established a wide network of non-legal referrals for clients, including; accountants, sales and marketing, printing, graphic design and more.

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