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Franchise Operations
Dual Branding: Legal Structures and Choices
Best Practices: Legal Techniques

General Franchising
Franchising: A Business Overview and Some Practical Considerations
7 Steps Before You Franchise Your Business - For Those Considering Franchising.By: Lori M. Lofstrom, Partner
7 Qualities of Successful Franchisors - For Newly Established Franchisors. By: Lori M. Lofstrom, Partner

So Your Client is Thinking of Becoming a Franchisee

Negotiations with Individual Franchisees: The Franchisor’s Perspective
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising
Is My Client's Business Really Franchiseable
Fundamentals of Franchise Law by Margaret E. Narodick
Currency Re-Disclosure and "Who's in the Pipeline"
A North American Franchising Philosophy

International Franchising
Franchise Law Developments and Current Status - United States
Franchising in America
Going International: Steps in the Process and Working with Consultants
Negotiating International Agreements
U.S. Anti-Terrorism Measures and Franchising
Coming to America: Are You Ready
Coming to America: Business and legal aspects of bringing a franchise system to America
Legal Aspects of Franchising Into America
Choosing and Using International Consultants

Taiwan Franchise Disclosure Guidelines

Kazakhstan, Enactment of Franchise Law

The 2004 California Omnibus Franchise Bill: A Further Step to Franchise Reform
The Proposed Federal Trade Commission Franchise Rule
Avoiding Lawsuits: A Business and Legal Guide for Franchisors
How To Avoid Unlimited "Exclusive Territories" Imposed By a Court
The Proposed FTC Franchising Rule
Selling Franchises Via the Internet
"Earnings Claims: Landmines or Golden Nuggets?"
Unauthorized Earnings Claims from Franchisor to Prospective Franchisee
A New Item 19 and the Changing Face of Earnings Claims

Disputes Resolution

A Dispute Resolution Handbook for Franchisor and Franchisees.
(David Holmes editor, available on the IFA Website at under "self regulation" )

California Law Applied to Protect California Franchisees, In Spite of Florida Choice of Law Clause
Forum Selection Clauses - Sometimes Enforced; Sometimes Not
No Liability for Sale of Unregistered Franchises
Franchise Agreement "Boilerplate" Defeats Fraud Claim
Arbitration Panel Enforces Post-Term Non-Compete; Denies Franchisor's Lost Profits Claim; Related Non-Competition Cases
Venue Clause Enforced
Non-Competition Clause Enforced Against Wife Who Did Not Sign Franchise Agreement
Canada: U.S. UFOC Fails to Satisfy Canadian Requirements; U.S. Franchisor Obligated to Disclose Unit-Level Financial Data in Assignment Scenario; Release Saves the Day

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