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Whether you’re a franchisor preparing to launch a business, or a CEO contemplating a merger or acquisition, you need experienced legal counsel to help you gain a competitive advantage. No matter what stage of the business cycle your company or organization is in – start up, growth, maturity, or transition – our attorneys can provide the direction and guidance you need.

Clients value our thoughtful counsel, our wealth of experience, our rigorous analysis of complex issues, our ability to evaluate risk, and our proven ability to execute. When multiple perspectives are needed, we bring interdisciplinary teams of attorneys and technical specialists together to help keep you on track as you sort through all your business and legal options.

From building tomorrow’s infrastructure to laying the groundwork that will help your company compete more effectively, Holmes Lofstrom can help you make and implement wise decisions about the future, for positive results.


Franchise Matters

- Assist in determining whether franchising is appropriate for a business or idea.

- Assist with pre-franchising planning, documentation and start-up issues.

- On-going franchise assistance for new and experienced franchisors including transfers, resales, termination, etc.

- Analysis and assistance with business opportunity issues.

- Business expansion and growth through franchising in the U.S. and abroad.

- On-going representation concerning franchisor/ franchisee relationships including dispute resolution.

General Business Matters

- Pre-formation planning and dissolution procedures.

- Full service business entity establishment including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships as well as drafting buy-sell agreements.

- Trademark registrations for logos, names or slogans.

- Copyright registrations.

- General business transactional matters including, leases, asset and stock purchase and sale agreements, confidentiality agreements, agreements to protect trade secrets and proprietary information.

- Dispute resolution.

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